Last Man Tales

Blitz Publishing

Author: William Charles Dries

The likelihood of meeting folks like Ziggy the bartender, Wheatbread, the Kipp brothers (Bob, Beau, Ben, Buford, Bart, and Bill), Hillary Grogan the Mexican beauty, or Presidential Gene in a Middleton bar or in any village bar is quite high. Truth is they reside in Delmar Center, frequent the "Brandy Station, and color the pages of "Last Man Tales," a fictional series of vignettes about small town life in the Midwest. The author is Bill Dries, Middleton businessman and owner of Blitz Publishing Company on High Point Road.

"Last Man Tales" is fiction based on life in small towns in Wisconsin. View life as it unfolds in the Brandy Station tavern. The loves, joy, fears, hate and even violence provide the ingredients for experiences of ordinary folk. The tales are down home, countering pseudo sophistication with no excuses. Ziggy like bartenders everywhere listens and adds sage advice.


Last Man Tales
Publication date: Nov. 2005
Trade paperback
ISBN 13: 9780960634491

$ 9.95

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